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Greetings!   I am Dr. Anthony Gregorc. 

Welcome to my website. It was created as a medium for sharing information about my life's purposeful works and transformational services for dealing intelligently and effectively with our Human minds and psyches.

As an educator, researcher, practicing phenomenologist and Western Shaman, I am dedicated to helping clients who are R.A.W. That is, those who are Ready, Able, and Willing to become consciously aware of essential and practical mental and psychic health information that is unknown to most people. The primary reason for the void, is that this information has yet to be discovered. Other reasons are that it is known in varying degrees but has been purposefully withheld from Humanity for Centuries by power brokers. At least, that is what some humans believe.

It is time to end the lack of information and this is the function of my work. I have chosen to reveal key ideas to promote substantive change and enable personal growth through a series of instructive and participatory programs that follow the injunction, KNOW THY SELF.  If you are interested in learning more, I invite you to become more intrigued by perusing my site.

Enjoy the Journey!

Anthony F. Gregorc Ph.D.

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   About Anthony F. Gregorc, Ph.D.

Because of the unique nature of my background, I developed a known Signature System that covers 5 categories. It introduces a change to our view of the human psyche that is a proven methodology to open new doors to personal growth. This work has shaped and influenced my approach and guidance for assisting students and clients. I now integrate the 5-Goals Signature System with my upcoming classes and keynotes called, "The Proper Care of Our Ingenious Minds". The Keynotes are customized for audiences. 

My interest in how-and-why we humans think and behave as we do began early in my life. This led to my becoming a life-long learner and teacher on such topics. My phenomenological training offered me access to a 3-dimensional world view of psychology and metaphysics. This enabled me to make links among the outer world of appearances (pheno); their specific inner driving forces (noumena); and their Essence, Spiritual Sources and reasons-for-being (logos)


The adventurous and testing journey to become a Western Shaman introduced me to the Worlds of Light and Darkness. Experiences in these realms have permitted me to gain revelations and understandings of their magnificent nature, dedicated purposes, everyday activities, and inevitable consequences upon individuals and collective Humanity. They taught me appropriate fear of the Dark and proper means of earning respectful cooperation of Light and Dark forces for guidance in diagnosing. healing, creating, and destroying. And, they opened my eyes to the intentions and behaviors of perpetrators of evil in personal, group, cultural and political activities, and events. 

All of these  ways-and-means helped and continue to assist me in getting  answers to my incessant "why" questions. They have significantly effected who and what I am today. As as result, I developed a phenomenologically-based quaternary Model and system called the "Mind Styles Model". At it's core is a researched, elegant and powerful instrument for identifying pheno and noumenal qualities of a "takers' mind". The instrument is called the "Gregorc Style Delineator". It has been nationally and internationally used for decades. 


Aside, I am a family man. Widowed now. I was married to a magnificent partner of 54 years. We have two gifted healer children –a son who serves as an astute Bio-Cranial Chiropractor and a daughter who counsels individuals through her insightful practice of psychotherapy.  Presently, Fate has Blessed me with the companionship of an amazingly gifted and noble woman as my Life Partner.


Professionally, I have expressed myself through many roles that include a high school teacher of math and biology, Principal of the University of Illinois Laboratory High School, and an assistant superintendent of schools. Academically, I served as a published professor and assistant Dean at the University of Illinois at Urbana, and a professor at UCONN, The University of Connecticut at Storrs.

Business-wise, I created my own company, Gregorc Associates, Inc., as a base and nexus for my services and product-line development and distribution.


My website inclusions provide a glimpse of the breadth-and-depth of the well from which I can draw on your behalf.


I welcome the opportunity to be in personal contact with you by email, or over the phone.



Anthony F. Gregorc, Ph.D.


Transformative Learning

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Leading the Future

From personal to professional growth, Dr. ANTHONY F. GREGORC will help you and your audience to overcome perceptions that are false in order to create a successful future you’ve always dreamt about. Presentation topics are extraordinary and include personal Mind Style analysis and details about the mental characteristics of partners/spouses, leaders, team members and students/trainees. Answer some questions below and start benefiting today.

Superior Guidance

With this executive-level service, you will find renewed purpose, passion, and vision for your life, business, and leadership, that will help you to create the full transformation you are looking for. Ready to get started? Click below and fill out a short form to discover more positive change from within.

Dedicated to You

Countless national and international clients are benefiting from focused classes dedicated to their specialty areas.  Are you ready to transform your business by serving more clients?  Dr. Anthony F. Gregorc is here to give you the tools you need in order for you to succeed beyond your expectations. Fill out your information below to learn more about upcoming group classes.

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        There are 8 elements that form the foundation of the Mind Styles-oriented services and products.

  1. Every human being is endowed with a uniquely proportioned set of mental qualities for interacting with the world. These emanate from and serve the Psyche/Self.

  2. These qualities manifest as specific behaviors, characteristics, mannerisms and products known collectively as STYLE.

  3. Our mental qualities prompt us to be attracted to specific people, places, and things that are appropriate for us. They also prompt us to reject and be rejected by inappropriate people, places, and things.

  4. When we live in harmony with our endowments and environments, we live an authentic life style with a sense of rightness and fulfillment.

  5. When we live in dis-harmony with our endowments and environments, we live a lifestyle of falseness with a sense of wrongness and emptiness.

  6. Each of us is endowed with Freed Will which is expressly provided for creating harmony and dis-harmony in our Lives.

  7. When we deviate from our True Nature, mental, psychic and physical dis-comforts and dis-orders occur as warning signs and opportunities for us to restore balance to our lives.

  8. To be True or Untrue to our inherent "Nature" is a decision that NO ONE can avoid.

H:8 Key Tenets

Signature Presentations

As a result of my decades'-long labors on the nature, functions, care and protection of the Human Mind and Psyche, I focus all my current books, keynotes, lectures, workshops and classes on assisting individuals to gain Self-knowledge via my established Mind Styles Model. I share the 8-Key Tenets of the Model and expand upon their critical meanings for Human mental, psychic and physical well-being. All are included in my Speaker's Kit that is furnished upon request through my contact form. 

My Core Workshop is entitled: "The Proper Care of Our Ingenious Minds." An exemplary Outline is on the draw-down in this division. (Scroll to the bottom)


I also deliver and teach 3 main categories of speeches that are organized into threads. They are:




My concentration is on personal discoveries and understandings and then, if desired, segue to applications for partnerships and couples, team and group efforts, leadership behaviors, and learning/teaching relationships.

I approach audiences with the attitude of sharing. It is not my intent to convince or convert.

At the beginning of every presentation, all participants receive a fully-detailed printed Outline to help them follow my guided yet extempore teaching style. The  Outline's design guides their minds through the content, and memorializes the session's proceedings for reflection at a later time. 


Core Outline for Day Class

My Core Workshop is entitled:


Call to book your date. (5 1/2 hour class that will transform the lives of participants)

* Physical and meta-physical contexts for dealing with the Mind
* My background and qualifications for today's adventure
* The subtext running through the entire session:
* The 5-Signature Goals of the Presentation

II. THE MIND IN CONTEXT- Topics include:
* The Mind-a specially-designed instrument of the Psyche
* Reasons for our common yet Designer-made Minds

* The role of Freed Will using our Minds
* Feelings attending proper and improper use of Minds
* Penalties earned for mis-use and abuse of Minds
* Reasons for penalties and the Natural Laws involved

* The Mind's qualities used to deal with Concrete and Abstract Spatial Perception and Sequential and  Random Time Ordering realities
* The formation of these qualities into a Mind Field and into a 4-part (quaternary) compass for navigating and living in different worlds

IV. Adolescent, Mid-Life, and Elderhood Crises- Topics include:
* Critical importance of knowing one's Mind's design and functions for improving mental health and psychic well-being, and for succeeding in biased environments
* Development of the Gregorc Style Delineator instrument
* Delineator activity for learning personal mental designs
* Profiting from knowing personal Style Types and Mind Field boundaries

* Style-flex versus Mental-sclerosis (Hardening of Minds)
* Staying within integrity boundaries vs. over-and-under achievement (excesses and deprivation)
* The Concepts of Good and Evil regarding essential Designs
* Natural Laws involved in advancement of mental development
* The Law of Cycles-15-year Phoenix Effect --
   Adolescent and Mid-life crises
* Selected Positive and Negative (Dark Side) Mind Style characteristics

V. ENVIRONMENTS - Topics include:
* Environments as "envelopes" in which we live, breath, and have our Being
* Benevolent and nurturing environments consisting of positive people, places and things.

   --Cultures as Petri dishes
* Malevolent and toxic environments- purposes/effects
* Human and non-human creations impose and make demands upon Human minds.

   --Cultures of Life and Death
* All social units (marriages, partnerships, families, organizations, gangs and political parties)

   are naturally biased and consist of fit, unfit and mis-fit members
* Environmental elements as primary means of Acknowledgement for Humans
* Deadly effects of Deprivation of Acknowledgement
* Serious consequences of lack of Acknowledgement on Self and others

VI. MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES - Topics include:
* Happiness (Gk) is registered when Man is a peace with his Pattern
* False happiness
* Being Un-true to one's Self guarantees negative consequences under Natural Laws
* List of consequences for appropriate and inappropriate actions and behaviors
* Psycho-somatic effects
* Force that is not converted into movement does not simply disappear but is dissipated into damage
* Maladies continue with increasing intensity until wrongfulness is Acknowledged and appropriately  corrected through shift in attitude AND deeds

* Force Field analysis of factors against gaining Awareness and Knowing Self -- "Know Thy Enemies"
* Importance of Self-development (unfoldment) and Self-Acknowledgement. Being one's own

   worst enemy.
* Recognizing 12 Basic Dark Force-incited behaviors
* Six ways to survive in spent, inadequate, toxic, inhospitable, and hostile environments
* Dealing with people-in-power who demonstrate Dark Side-inspired traits
* The wisdom of Kenny Rogers and the Serenity Prayer
* The necessity of periodic self-rewards and random-acts of kindness

VIII. CLOSING - Topics include:
* The draw-down of the session's adventure
* The inherent gain in personal responsibility IF this information registers
* No pain, No Gain from Egoic perspective
* Taking Due Time to con-sider, lose innocence, assimilate, and demonstrate registration*

* Questions and Responses

The following topics can supplement the Core Presentation described above during extended-time sessions:

The data provided in these options were gathered from hundreds of individuals who scored as strong dominant types in each category on the Gregorc Style Delineator. Through observations, interviews and questionnaires, they offered information as self-confessions of their natural inclinations. Perspectives were also gathered from significant others, friends, and colleagues who were in their fields-of-actions.

Specific subject-matter Extenda-Charts of their responses are provided to participants.

Below are the five components that can be added to the Core Presentation:

GENERAL INFORMATION: Topics expand the General Characteristics listed on the backside of the Delineator. Included are each style type's core talents and abilities, ways of being nourished, list of dislikes, ways that they stress themselves, means by which they grow, and the major Life Lessons to be learned.

LEADERSHIP INFORMATION: Subjects include the chief mission of a true leader, how each Mind Style type manifests different leadership styles, the expectations of leadership, and best practices. Also discussed are signs of personal effectiveness, ways-and-means used to harm their organizations, primary reasons for being reassigned or "fired," and the kinds of minds that challenge, irritate and promote change for leaders.

TEAM MEMBERS' STYLES INFORMATION: This session reveals the two key elements required for real teaming to occur and function smoothly. It also contains data on how each style approaches teaming and group work, what they want to receive during the interactions, what and how they contribute, how they irritate others, and strategies they use to sabotage team efforts.

SPOUSAL, PARTNER/SIGNIFICANT-OTHER INFORMATION: Areas covered disclose how each style type approaches connections, what each wants from a relationship, and how he/she best contributes to an on-going partnership. Also shared is information regarding how they stress relationships and how they view and practice sex.

LEARNER/TRAINEE INFORMATION: Each dominant style type, irrespective of age, approaches and deals with the act of formal and informal learning in specific ways. Among the topics discussed are what each is best at doing, what he/she wants from the teacher, what is disliked in learning circumstances, and what fears they carry as students. Media preferences are also revealed.

H:Core Outline

Interested in working with   

Dr. ANTHONY F. GREGORC? Send in your request here.

Dr. Anthony F. Gregorc

P.O. Box 584, Maynard, MA  01754


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