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An Adult's Guide to Style

The original text on Mind Styles™
By Anthony F. Gregorc

An Adult's Guide to Style is for:

  • individuals needing to understand themselves better

  • presenters/consultants requiring the foundational reference for using the Gregorc Style Delineator™ with clients and audiences

The Guide increases style awareness in one's Self and in others. It includes the research-based Gregorc Style Delineator instrument to aid individuals in recognizing and identifying specific channels though which they receive, process and express information.

The book details Dr. Gregorc's four style types and special sets of characteristics that accompany them. It also offers an extensive Self-study section to guide personal introspection.

An Adult's Guide to Style is the manual for using and interpreting the Gregorc Style Delineator.

Ordering Information

#A00 An Adult's Guide to Style 8" by 10", Paperback, 80 pages, $20.00

#A03 An Adult's Guide to Style with ten (10) copies of the Gregorc Style Delineator. $65.00

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#A04 Mind Styles™ FAQs Book, Coil Bound Paperback, 152 pages, $19.95.

Mind Styles™ FAQs Book

By Anthony F. Gregorc

This book permits the reader to "eavesdrop" on unique conversations between Dr. Gregorc and individuals with various levels of experience with the Mind Styles Model. It provides:

  • fundamental and unusual findings

  • information on roles, sterotypes and media

  • answers to hardball questions

  • issues that other models avoid

  • vetted data for intelligent presentations

The questions and answers come from phone calls, e-mails, the Blog page of our web site and updated excerpts from Dr. Gregorc's previous book, Inside Styles: Beyond the Basics. They are grouped into sixteen categories including topics on:

  • Mind and Brain

  • The Gregorc Style Delineator and Profile

  • Student Instruments

  • Environments, Culture and Media

  • Teaching Applications

  • The Negative, "Dark Side" of Style

Users of the Model will return time and time again to this powerful resource as their experience grows and new questions arise. It is a must read for serious students, educators and presenters.

Relating with Style

by Diane F. Gregorc

In Relating with Style, Diane Gregorc builds upon her husband's seminal style work and shares her own provocative, informative and entertaining perpectives on the awesome natures and dimensionalities of the CS/AS/AR/CR points and their interrelationships.

Drawing on her special knowledge of metaphysics and the results of indepth interviews with couples, she examines relationship topics such as:

  • what is love?

  • virtues and necessity of Self-love

  • role of self-image

  • how separative/associative orientations affect togetherness

The book also contains extensive analysis of the characteristics of partners with dominant CS/AS/AR/CR orientations. Among the inclusions are:

  • thinking patterns

  • attitudes and beliefs

  • feelings

  • approaches to relationships

  • intimacy and sexuality

Relating with Style contains the Gregorc Style Delineator. It is indispensible reading for individuals seeking indepth knowledge and understandings essential for forming honorable and respectful relationships.

Ordering Information

#A05 Relating with Style, Paperback, 170 pages, $19.95

Ordering Information

#A07 The Mind Styles™ Model: Theory, Principles, and Applications, Paperback, 28 pages. $10.50

The Mind Styles™ Model: Theory, Principles, and Applications

by Anthony F. Gregorc

This booklet is the primer on the Mind Styles™ Model. It provides the foundation needed to understand the design of the Model, compare and contrast it to others, improve presentations, reduce misrepresentations and respond intelligently to inquiries.

This primer embodies core-level information on the:

  • theoretical foundation

  • fundamental beliefs

  • basic principles

  • key definitions

  • main ideas

  • major issues

  • appropriate applications

  • do's and don'ts for presenters

Written in minimal technical language, it is a must read for grounded proponents of the Mind Styles Model.

Ordering Information

#B01 Single Bookmark (Laminated, 1.5" x 6"): $1.00
#B02 Packet of 5: $4.50

The Phoenix Bookmark

Primum Non Nocere/"Above All, Do No Harm." Boldly imprinted in black/white/red, this Ethical Imperative reminds you of the harmlessness tenet of the Mind Styles ™ Model and the moral necessity to avoid hurting and injuring Self and others. This is a mark of distinction; frank and immodest!

Gregorc Style Delineator™

Fourth Edition

This is Dr. Gregorc's updated, powerful and widely used research-based, self-assessment instrument for adults. It is designed for identifying and quantifying the CS/AS/AR/CR mind qualities and their respective style characteristics.

Based upon a psychologically-formulated matrix of 40 descriptive words, the Gregorc Style Delineator is an extraordinary tool for helping individuals gain a better understanding of Self and others.

The multi-fold, self-scoring instrument contains:

  • Directions

  • The Word Matrix

  • Scoring Directions

  • Style Profile Graphic

  • Style Comparison Synopsis Chart

  • List of Key Ideas

Each Delineator packet includes Guidelines, a pamphlet detailing the administration of the instrument to groups. The pamphlet does not contain Delineator interpretation information. The book, An Adult's Guide to Style, is the prime resource for analysis.

Ordering Information

#A02 Packet of 25 Instruments
1 - 5 Packet: $125.00 per packet
6 to 25 Packets: $120.00 per packet
26+ Packets: $115.00 per packet

Single Instrument: $10.50

#A06 Packet of 10 Instruments: $62.50

NOTE: A child's or student's CS/AS/AR/CR-based style instrument is not available due to philosophical, ethical and technical views of Dr. Gregorc.


This instrument is available for ages 18 and up.


Gregorc Mind Styles Extenda-Charts place bold CS/AS/AR/CR style characteristics at your fingertips. They are natural complements to the Style Comparison synopsis chart on the back cover of the Gregorc Style Delineator. Printed in two colors on double-sided 8-1/2" X 11" heavy stock paper, each specialty chart provides revelations and dimensions to aid understanding and appreciation of different Mind Styles. All charts offer "inside information" that conveys talents, complexities, wonderments, limitations and vulnerabilities of the points. They unearth hidden feelings and add freshness , realism and depth to Self-study, presentations and discussions. Information for each chart was gathered from dominant CS/AS/AR/CR individuals, their significant others and from non-dominants. Phenomenological studies, observations, shadow studies, focus groups, questionnaires and interviews were conducted to gather and cross-check the data. These qualitative methods assure that each point "speaks for itself" and make the descriptors "live."

Learner Characteristics Extenda-Chart

Uninhibited students aged 7 to 53 reveal important factors that help and hinder them in schooling environments. Topics covered are:

  • abilities

  • expectations

  • dislikes

  • fears

  • wants

  • media preferences

Ordering Information

#E01 Single copy: $4.00
#E02 Packet of 10: $30.00
#E03 Packet of 25: $62.50

Ordering Information

#E04 Single copy: $4.00
#E05 Packet of 10: $30.00
#E06 Packet of 25: $62.50

General Characteristics Extenda-Chart

This chart delivers powerful information that will broaden and amplify your knowledge of CS/AS/AR/CR style characteristics. Its contents provide sensitive and passionate insight into each point's:

  • talents

  • nurturant requirements

  • dislikes

  • stresses

  • ways of growing

  • lessons being learned

Leadership Characteristics Extenda-Chart

"A leader is an elaborator of a vision." This elegant definition from Rev. Theodore Hesburgh is the basis for revelations about the minds and roles of CS/AS/AR/CR leaders. Information includes what each leader's presence imparts and how each individual leadership type:

  • elaborates

  • grows in effectiveness

  • does harm

  • gets "fired"

Ordering Information

#E07 Single Chart: $4.00
#E08 Packet of 10: $30.00
#E09 Packet of 25: $62.50

Ordering Information

#E10 Single copy: $4.00
#E11 Packet of 10: $30.00
#E12 Packet of 25: $62.50

Partner Characteristics Extenda-Chart

Partners from married and unmarried couples furnish the frank and honest views offered on this unique chart. It represents each point's:

  • personal wants

  • approaches to relationships

  • contributions to a partnership

  • ways of stressing relationships

  • attitudes about sex

Team Member Characteristics Extenda-Chart

Every team member brings specific abilities and liabilities to group meetings. Knowledge of these factors is essential for improving productivity and success. This chart reveals each point's:

  • approach to teaming

  • wants

  • contributions to the team

  • ways of irritating others

  • means of sabotaging team efforts

Ordering Information

#E13 Single copy: $4.00
#E14 Packet of 10: $30.00
#E15 Packet of 25: $62.50

Ordering Information

#P02 Child-Wise 8" x 10" Single copy: $2.50
#P03 Child-Wise 8" x 10" Packet of 5: $10.95


This powerful, declarative poster features an essay by Dr. Gregorc exalting the unique spiritual qualities of children. The essay begins:

We need a new, wiser, holistic, and more spiritual attitude towards children.

Its body focuses on the basic understandings about children. And it concludes:

Children are not our subordinates. They are co-conspirators breathing the same pneuma as us and contributing to a world far beyond present comprehension. Ultimately, in our webs of relationships, it is the children who will write, rewrite, and edit our scripts of life.

To order, PRINT this Form and mail or email to GREGORC ASSOCIATES, Box 584, Maynard, MA. 01754.  Email:
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