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Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Q. Can a person change dominant points over time?

A. No. Like individual DNA and fingerprints, one's mind quality formula and point arrangements remain throughout life. They are perfectly matched and exquisitely designed to help each of us fulfill our special missions (destinies) in Life.

Q. But, people do change their behaviors during their lives. What causes these changes?

A. Those are not changes to their inherent point formula and Mind Field. What appear to be changes are:

  1. behaviors associated with developmental stages during which specific qualities are naturally brought to the surface for experiencing, testing and growing. Such stages are temporary and are particularly evident in childhood, e.g., the "terrible-twos."

  2. symptoms of overachievement (going beyond one's endowed qualities) for meeting outside expectations and standards, adapting to non-compatible environments, serving ego-driven personal objectives and surviving in the physical world.

  3. the vascillation between authentic (natural) and inauthentic behaviors.

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