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Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Q. The second Primary Goal of the Mind Styles Model is to promote the attitude of harmlessness. What do you mean by harmlessness?

A. Harmlessness is the result of an inner orientation which prevents the violating, defiling, injuring and dishonoring of an individual (Self and others) or an environment.

Q. Does being harmless mean that I cannot defend myself or complain or sue someone that has offended, taken advantage of or hurt me?

A. Harmlessness is neither negative, sweet, kindly, wimpy nor submissive. It is a state of mind which does not preclude firm and even drastic, disagreeable action and speech that has good will behind it. You can be engaged in positive conflict and still be harmless by complaining about poor service, suing a fraudulent contractor, defending yourself physically, hanging-up on pesky telemarketers, demanding appropriate materials for learning, participating in a civil rights march and being non-violent in the face of offensive people.

Q. Why do people put themselves in harm's way?

A. The two biggest reasons are: (1) The failure to acknowledge the reality of evil, and (2) the need to be liked and accepted at any price.

Individuals who fail to recognize evil are childish. They give the benefit-of-the-doubt to victimizers, rationalize the offenders' behaviors and/or deny that harm ever occurred. Some even convince themselves that they deserved being harmed. Childish people wear rose-colored glasses and believe the violator just didn't know what he/she was doing or didn't mean to do it. They have yet to lose their innocence and grow up!

Other willing victims are in deep need of love, affection, care and appreciation. They often prostitute themselves and become vulnerable to abuse and harm in order to receive attention.

Q. Why do people harm others?

A. Chief reasons are Vanity, Greed, and Desire for Power.

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