Gregorc Style Delineator™

Gregorc Style Delineator™

This is Dr. Gregorc's updated, powerful and widely used research-based, self-assessment instrument for adults. It is designed for identifying and quantifying the CS/AS/AR/CR mind qualities and their respective style characteristics.


Based upon a psychologically-formulated matrix of 40 descriptive words, the Gregorc Style Delineator is an extraordinary tool for helping individuals gain a better understanding of Self and others.


The multi-fold, self-scoring instrument contains:

  • Directions
  • The Word Matrix
  • Scoring Directions
  • Style Profile Graphic
  • Style Comparison Synopsis Chart
  • List of Key Ideas

Each Delineator packet includes Guidelines, a pamphlet detailing the administration of the instrument to groups. The pamphlet does not contain Delineator interpretation information. The book, An Adult's Guide to Style, is the prime resource for analysis.


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